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Cheap Cheap

No, this is not about chickens with a typo. I ran into a fella I hadn’t seen as I was coming out of Barnes and Noble, who seemed initially, very happy to see me. After a pleasantry or two, he … Continue reading

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The Literary Nanny

I was tooling through the kid’s section at Barnes & Noble, when I came upon a chubby Chihuahua sitting beneath the Babar books. I see he’s leashed to a stroller where, when I peek in, there’s a happy baby gurgling … Continue reading

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A Real American Girl Doll

I was in line at Barnes and Noble buying book for Mia, my dry-cleaner’s little girl, when I see another little girl with her dad ahead of me. No more than 2, hair to her waist, a miniature Latino fashion … Continue reading

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Becoming A Reader

I was in Barnes & Noble perusing magazines before drifting into the kid’s section.  A good twenty from the ages of infancy to 4 were sprawled on the floor with their nannies surrounded by books. You had, of course, the … Continue reading

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Decking The Halls

I know I was bitching a couple of weeks ago that Christmas had come too early (post 11/17) but since it’s now legitimately arrived, so have I. I’ve even put up my little Christmas tree my friend Alex had given … Continue reading

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Never Judge a Girl By Her Weight

It’s always an exciting moment for a writer to see herself in print especially when she least expects it. Over the weekend I was killing time at the Barnes & Noble on 86th Street, one of the few remaining left … Continue reading

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