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Things You May Not Know

I love trivia, the stuff that’s not mainstream, but should be since it’s always so fascinating, along with entertaining. Did you know P.T. Barnum’s initials stood for Phineas Taylor? Or, that Napoleon insisted his wife, Josephine, didn’t bathe because he … Continue reading

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Best Story Of The Week

When I run on the Central Park track, I’m always in the company of squirrels starting their day.  I usually walk a bit, just to observe their busyness.  They also remind me to stay present since they never seem worried … Continue reading

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Tits On The Bar

I used to be quite the femme fatale, though no longer, having retired my phone number like an all-star who plays no more. When I hit, I’d say, 58, I no longer had an interest in being the seductress, though … Continue reading

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On The Books

My summer reading has been very eclectic so far. It kicked off with Jane Austen, Nora Ephron and E.B. White segueing into John Waters, Antonia Fraser and a mass of books on 9/11. Since my hearing issues I read more … Continue reading

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Love Bats Last

Love Bats Last resonates because I know how true it is. I don’t care what anyone says. My shrink so disagrees with this…wonders where my need to be so nice stems from? He sweetly calls me a people pleaser…a do-gooder…an … Continue reading

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42… is an amazing film about the life of baseball player, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, written and directed by Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Mystic River, A Nightmare on Elm Street). You have to know how charmed I am his middle name … Continue reading

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Yankee Miracles

I don’t know about you but when it comes to a book, it starts with the title. When I saw Yankee Miracles lolling on the library shelf I went right passed it. I couldn’t help it, the word miracles turned … Continue reading

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Shoeless Joe

Every once in a while a book jumps off the shelf like a man who’s determined to get your attention. Shoeless Joe written in 1982 by W.P. Kinsella was that 265 page guy.  It was the novel the popular film … Continue reading

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Susannah of Funnybrook Farm

I’m a silly girl, I’ll admit it. The stuff I think is funny quite often eludes other people. Frankly I think lack of the ridiculous is what’s missing in our society. No one laughs anymore. Everything is serious not to … Continue reading

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After the Fall

I took a spill this morning while I was running. One minute I was in full stride with the wind in my hair, the next on my ass. It’s always so disorienting when you fall as though you were viewing … Continue reading

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