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The Thorn In My Paw

I saw a man I hadn’t seen in a while I’ll call Ted, who’s very active in the church I sometimes go to. When he sees me he does everything but genuflect, like I’m one of the Apostles, because I … Continue reading

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Mr. Beagle

I’m having a love affair. There, I’ve admitted it. He’s handsome, fit, funny and has four legs. Yes, I know, there’s always something, but regardless, we still meet most mornings in front of the bank. His ears are a bit … Continue reading

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When Love Has The Last Say

In the park this morning I met a Beagle named Mike, who triggered a memory. I couldn’t have been more than 10 when it happened, so my clarity impresses even me. There was a family on our block, The Greenfields, … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Doggoned

 I just gave my last buck to a beagle. En route to Grand Central catching the train home, I notice a kid in his 20s sitting on the pavement sketching. Next to him was a beagle so old it looked … Continue reading

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A Pink Lady

 I saw the cutest thing last Sunday on Central Park’s Dog Hill. In case you don’t know, it’s the prime sleigh riding spot for dads and their tiny offspring. Moms, who get to sleep in on Sunday, are nowhere in … Continue reading

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