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I’ll Be Doggoned

 I just gave my last buck to a beagle. En route to Grand Central catching the train home, I notice a kid in his 20s sitting on the pavement sketching. Next to him was a beagle so old it looked … Continue reading

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Vet, Out Of Uniform

I ran into my former veterinarian on the Upper West Side who really popped a file for me. Dr. J. retired three years ago, but for years looked after all the neighborhood animals, including mine…Missy the cat, being the last. … Continue reading

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Virgil The Houseboat Cat

I felt very sad hearing my friend Arthur had to put his kitty to sleep.  Apparently Virgil had stopped eating and was plainly suffering, with no clear diagnosis in sight. “I made the decision I hope someone would make for … Continue reading

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All In A Day

Let’s cover three events that occurred in the same day. First up: I’m at the track on a glorious December morning not too cold…muscles intact…sun streaming down. There’s a guy I see often. He’s a big, burly fellow who runs … Continue reading

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Go Where It’s Warm

My grandfather would always say, “Andare a sedersi al sole Susanina,” that in Italian means, go sit in the sun Susannah. In Tuscany, where he hailed, the sun was a remedy for all ills, so it didn’t much matter what … Continue reading

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Tuesdays With Mittens – Part 2

I will reiterate what I penned in Tuesdays With Mittens – Part 1. She was a cat I had way back when that I decided to honor with a silly essay…it continues… “Watch your mouth young lady, you’re from Connecticut … Continue reading

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