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Notes From the Carlyle – July 2018

 It’s my birthday, so after covering all the mirrors and hanging a wreath on the door, I slipped into my brand new, J.Crew Factory dress, and padded down Park hanging a sharp right on 76th. Hello Bemelmans…how I’ve missed you. … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Chicks

Camille and I are sitting in front of the Met checking out the cheese, as she likes to call it.  We’re in little dresses and flats, cardigans tossed over our shoulders…dressed for, we’re not quite sure what we’re doing yet. … Continue reading

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Finally Tuned Friendship

Age is the true educator. My whole life I’ve viewed everything in black and white…all or nothing…this way or that way with wiggle room, leeway, latitude, flexibility having no role in my life. Relationships, hitting a wall, were severed rather … Continue reading

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Pinocchio Syndrome

I hate being lied to over anything, big or small. As you recall, every time Pinocchio told a lie his nose grew. What I long to say to a man fibbing his little ass off is…don’t you wish everything got … Continue reading

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My Friend Pam

In front of The Metropolitan Museum of Art…summer, 2013. Pam and I met on a movie called Mickey Blue Eyes in 1999. It was a two day job that turned into two weeks, bonding us quickly. The theme was an … Continue reading

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