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Minutes From A New York Writer’s Workshop – December

Carmela, my friend the basset hound, and I were in a deep discussion over shoes. I’ve been looking for a pair of cocoa brown spectator pumps the same shade as her ears and for the life of me, cannot find … Continue reading

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Aging Gracefully

This is a hot topic for me and everyone else I know over 50. I recall seeing a documentary on Katharine Hepburn who said, “What’s the use of worrying about getting older when there’s absolutely nothing you can do about … Continue reading

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A True New Yorker

This morning I was running counterclockwise around the track when a topless man with biceps the size of grapefruits coming from the opposite direction muttered, “You fucking, goddamned whory no good cunt sonovabitch I’ll get you,” as he ran by … Continue reading

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Can I Give You a Lift?

Today I was stopped by a sign in a store window that said, ‘How 20 Minutes Could Change Your Life…’ According to Miss Marjorie, if I came in for a bra consultation everything, and I mean everything would be coming … Continue reading

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