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A Rose By My Bed

For as long as I can remember a pink rose greeting you first thing in the morning was right up there with the sun. Continue reading

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Hicks Double Feature

The late, great Bill Hicks would have been 54 years-old today.  Can’t believe he’s been gone 21 years. I always try to write something I remember about him to share, since like Elvis, he’s more popular than ever.  You mention … Continue reading

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Kissing In The Moonlight

I couldn’t sleep, deciding to venture out into the New York night hoping the warm air would make me drowsy. Move and muscle, change a thought came to mind as I donned my ripped jeans.  It’s a 12 Step suggestion … Continue reading

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Last Call

I have stopped drinking, for how long, I don’t know.  But having that alcoholic gene passed down from my parents, those yield signs are flashing. Dave Attell, a comic I love says, he drinks to quiet the voices.  My father … Continue reading

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If This Bed Could Talk

I just ordered a new bed at Sleepy’s since mine is 22 years old.  Gigi, the salesgirl, amazed, said it was older than she was half expecting her to ask for its autograph.  One could say, it’s the Elvis of … Continue reading

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Yearning For Love

When you’re my age, love turns up differently, like it had its face done.  Where before it was about eyes and long, lanky legs, now it’s language and a sense of humor. Who knew?  Certainly not frisky me who approached … Continue reading

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A Word Between Us

My ears, what’s left of them, perked up when I was referred to as whimsical, a word you don’t hear often…an adjective meaning: easygoing and playful, carefree and quaint.  Outlandish, unconventional and quirky…marching to the beat of a different drummer. … Continue reading

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Balls In The Side Pocket

I’ll just come right out and say it. I hate women who emasculate their men. I’m old school, for better or worse.  I like men to be men.  I want to have that door opened so I can daintily step … Continue reading

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Battle Of Wills

If you ever told me there would be someone I’d meet who hated the comedy of Bill Hicks I would have never believed it. For me he’ll always be the quintessential man of comedy, and for good reason. And I’m … Continue reading

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Looking Up

I’ve decided nature is my new church.  Being in the park each morning I can’t help but to think…wow…God is really showing off.  A man I knew, no longer with us, once told me to always look up since life … Continue reading

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