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The Writing Life

Writing keeps me afloat. Writing keeps me sane. Writing keeps me warm on a cold day. What does that mean exactly? It gives me hope. I’ve written all my life. When my mother locked me in my room in the … Continue reading

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Writing Clean and Spare

I work at brevity, to kill off my darlings, a quote attributed to writer, William Faulkner, since my essays can often rival Gone With the Wind. I think blog readers have a shorter attention span, so it behooves one’s readership … Continue reading

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Pithier Posts

I’ve been practicing brevity lately in terms of blogging, realizing, posts shouldn’t be the length of War and Peace. I have 1,571 posts in my archives, and if you read the earlier ones, boy…did I need an editor. “In writing, … Continue reading

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Complimentary Porn

What is it I write about that invite porn sites on my blog, I keep deleting? I know I can be saucy at times, but I’m not exactly the Marquis de Sade. I’m told daily, porn will change my life, … Continue reading

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Blog Life 5 Years Running

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! WordPress is so thoughtful…. especially when it asks for its annual 29 bucks, as they put it, to be part of the team.  Team this, I always say, as I haul out AmEx. I think they … Continue reading

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Pillow Talk

The famous line from Tennessee Williams’s, A Streetcar Named Desire, comes to mind.  I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. I’ve been sniveling a lot lately in many of my posts, so let me take a moment to … Continue reading

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Read Me Because I’m Compelling

I know, such a haughty title…but so be it. We writers want an audience, we’d be lying if we claimed differently. This writer however, would rather have readers who truly loved her writing than the old…if you read me, I’ll … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Peanut Gallery

A peanut gallery, according to Webster, is a group of people who criticize someone, often by focusing on insignificant details. In other words, a pack of miserable fuckers who never learned, if you can’t say something nice, then shut the … Continue reading

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Let’s Blog Another Year, Shall We?

Athingirl is approaching the launch of her fourth year. I’ll admit, I hesitated when I got the email asking if I wished to continue. Though I now have 500 followers, very few are following. I can’t help but to blame … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – October 2013

I’m learning to love the simple things in my life, like breezing into Bemelmans for a quick beer, my new beverage of choice. Wine has been giving me a headache lately and I’m not exactly a hard-liquor kinda gal. My … Continue reading

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