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When God Speaks Through Others

I was having a bad day. There’s a quote from the film, Body Heat, when Ned, played by Bill Hurt, says…sometimes the shit comes down so heavy, I feel like I should wear a hat. It was one disappointment after … Continue reading

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A Public Service Announcement

Life can be quite uncanny at times, so when I found myself at an audition for a PSA to warn the world on the perils of pancreatic cancer, I could only shake my head sobbing, all the way through it. … Continue reading

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The Right To Say No

It was Thanksgiving Eve when I received an email from an acquaintance pleading with me to come to dinner. He had already asked a few weeks ago when I politely declined. I’m having 8 people, and one’s just cancelled. I … Continue reading

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False Evidence Appearing Real

This is an acronym for the word fear in 12 Step. It’s one I try to remember, however, more often that not, find it slips my mind. This morning while occupying my little corner in Starbucks, I notice a frail … Continue reading

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The Upside Of Illness

Since my sudden hearing loss, I’ve thought a lot about the trials and tribulations of others. I’ve been so blessed with perfect health my whole life that this turn of events have really humbled me. So this is what it’s … Continue reading

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I love the expression ‘well-heeled,’ my friend Ed uses it a lot. It means affluent, moneyed, well-to-do. I like the imagery it provides: the Astors and Vanderbilts, Grace Kelly in It Takes a Thief, Cary Grant in just about anything. … Continue reading

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The first thing I did on Thanksgiving after foraging for coffee was take a long, lazy walk. I didn’t even run. I just wanted to be quiet with nature as my consort. I was thrilled to find the park peaceful … Continue reading

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You Spent What?

Today is Yom Kippur, The Jewish Day of Atonement, so perhaps that’s what inspired this piece. My 2 best friends are dead (both Jewish), one from lung cancer the other by her own hand. A man I loved checked out … Continue reading

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