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A Basset May Come’a Callin’

I still think of Carmela the Basset Hound as though she were a long lost sister, just one with stubby legs and long, silly ears. For those of you who never read the Carmela Chronicles, she belonged to a snooty … Continue reading

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One Weepy Thingirl

Everything is making me cry. I’m like a raw nerve in jeans and a turtleneck. I’d like to blame it on the snow, but that would be too simple. Saw a three legged-labrador hopping down Third in a red ski … Continue reading

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Halloween To Go

I just had such a fight with Frank the super over, why the kids in the building, can’t knock on friendly doors, like in the good old days. “It ain’t safe,” said he… “Older tenants are afraid to let people … Continue reading

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Carmela Sightings

It’s been almost a year since Carmela, the Basset Hound, left my life, yet I still think of her with such affection, making my heart pump in reverie. You don’t see very many Bassets here in the Big Apple: Labs, … Continue reading

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Almost Had A Cat

I emptied a closet so he’d have his own, made a list of all he’d need.  Even bought a snazzy dish I found in a thrift store.  I was all ready. Snowdon the puma was going to be mine. Then … Continue reading

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Warning Shot Across The Bow

I’ve always liked the expression, warning shot across the bow meaning, a statement or gesture intended to scare someone into changing their course of action.  It’s nautical of course, but very powerful when used metaphorically. One of the young women … Continue reading

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Touched And Humbled

I don’t normally post on the weekends, but I just got the nicest note from Tri-state Basset Hound Rescue thanking me for all the contributions sent on behalf of Carmela. It’s been a sad time for me since she’s gone.  … Continue reading

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