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Happy Easta

It’s early. I’m in a very long check-out line at Duane Reade with only one register open, my arms filled with items. A can of Comet I’m holding, falls to the ground.  A man behind me picks it up. “You … Continue reading

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Mimi Comes To Town

Out of nowhere I get a blast announcing Mimi, my former neighbor’s, imminent arrival as if the circus were coming to town. I could feel her excitement through the airwaves, childlike in breathless anticipation.  She left over six months ago … Continue reading

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Going To The Hardware Store For Oranges

l love this expression since, though cleverly cryptic, says it all.  It’s when you have a need, secret or confidence you trust to the wrong person, coming away more bitch-slapped than comforted. I’ve been in an inexplicable swoon unable to … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday

I no longer consider myself a Christian, yet still remember the poignancy of Holy Thursday.  Of the three, high holy days, it was always my favorite, leaving its mark in its inimitable way. It’s the eve of Good Friday, that … Continue reading

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My Roots Are Showing

Yesterday I went to confession.  Don’t know what possessed me, but there I was face to face with a priest I don’t particularly like. The new thing is, no confessional.  You sit opposite one another in folding chairs I suppose … Continue reading

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Incense Survivor

I read this term in an Anne Lamott book deciding it described my feelings toward Catholicism perfectly, being the recovering Catholic I am. It also reminded me, Easter is upon us.  It was always my favorite holiday, even now, at … Continue reading

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Swiffly Fired

I fired my housekeeper. Well, she was more someone who came when I had extra cash to dig me out of my domestic, perpetual disarray, but still…it’s a parting just the same. Sadly Max, my accountant, said she didn’t make … Continue reading

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226 Church Hill Road

It’s funny how scent evokes memory. This morning as I entered the park I got a massive whiff of freshly cut grass.  When I gazed in the distance Dog Hill was being mowed in perfectly even sections. Made me think … Continue reading

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I Remember Mama

My mother suffered from what I like to call connubial ennui. House cleaning, laundry and especially my father just weren’t enough to hold her interest. What she needed was a job, but my father refused to let her work. To … Continue reading

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Receiving Is In The Giving

So I hear we have a new Pope. Don’t panic, this isn’t about him, but the name he chose which was Francis, after St. Francis of Assisi who happens to be my favorite saint. He’s the patron saint for the … Continue reading

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