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Things That Make Me Laugh

Fred the cat, being given a special citation by the New York City Police Department for his undercover work in a sting operation. Patrick, the cat next door, who will only eat Ben and Jerry’s, Chunky Monkey, no other flavor. … Continue reading

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Four-Legged Referrals

Wouldn’t it be great if animals we knew could give us references, so we’d get that job? I’d be hired for everything if Hans the Hotdog, or Zeus the Cat spoke on my behalf. Hans: I’ve known Susannah now for … Continue reading

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Animal Instincts

There I was once again, unable to sleep, so I went to Google Images for a little midnight refreshment -a whole lot better than hot milk, even with a shot of scotch.  Nothing like an animal to relax those weary … Continue reading

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Pleasant Avenue

I made a recent pilgrimage to the Bronx to see my friends, Jennifer and Anthony, along with the rest of their four-legged family. It was great, like having your very own petting zoo. This is the view from Jennifer’s window. … Continue reading

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Love Me Love My Cat

There seems to be an epidemic going around of women, once they meet a man, unloading their pets. Why can’t we all play nice preferably under the same roof, is what I’d like to know. What inspired this were my … Continue reading

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Humoring the Humorless

I consider myself blessed having a sense of humor, something that has bailed me out of so many things my entire life. At my worst moment I will find what’s funny latching onto it like a lift boat. Believe it … Continue reading

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Things I Would Miss

After rereading Nora Ephron’s list of all the things she’d miss when she left the planet I asked myself, Susannah what would you miss? Hmm… When the Prada Store and cheese were the first things that came to mind I … Continue reading

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