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Animal Instincts

There I was once again, unable to sleep, so I went to Google Images for a little midnight refreshment -a whole lot better than hot milk, even with a shot of scotch.  Nothing like an animal to relax those weary … Continue reading

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Pleasant Avenue

I made a recent pilgrimage to the Bronx to see my friends, Jennifer and Anthony, along with the rest of their four-legged family. It was great, like having your very own petting zoo. This is the view from Jennifer’s window. … Continue reading

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Love Me Love My Cat

There seems to be an epidemic going around of women, once they meet a man, unloading their pets. Why can’t we all play nice preferably under the same roof, is what I’d like to know. What inspired this were my … Continue reading

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Humoring the Humorless

I consider myself blessed having a sense of humor, something that has bailed me out of so many things my entire life. At my worst moment I will find what’s funny latching onto it like a lift boat. Believe it … Continue reading

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Things I Would Miss

After rereading Nora Ephron’s list of all the things she’d miss when she left the planet I asked myself, Susannah what would you miss? Hmm… When the Prada Store and cheese were the first things that came to mind I … Continue reading

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