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The Raccoon Residence

I’ve been running early, to beat the heat. So this morning, right when the light came up…like nature flips a switch…I came upon two raccoons scurrying across the road.  One a little bigger than the other, deciding, they must be … Continue reading

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The Politeness of Puppies

Punctilio, a fancy word for good manners, not that you hear it a lot, but when you do, it reminds us of a different time when politeness wasn’t so rare. Etiquette, rules of conduct, or just the customary code for … Continue reading

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Voyeurs Anonymous

 It’s no secret I’m an avid observer…how else would I have so much nonsense to write about. I found myself, in the park, over the weekend, watching two squirrels play.  They were taking turns chasing one another…up a tree, down … Continue reading

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Trash Talk’in

Yesterday, I was about to begin my run, when I saw a bevy of beer bottles rolling beneath a bench.  I love Central Park and loathe littering anywhere, so often find myself, like this morning, picking it up. As I … Continue reading

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Sassy, Quite A Lassie

I saw Sassy, the pit, in the park this morning.  She’s more an American Staffordshire without her ears pinned back, the upper-crust version of the average pit. Wish I had a photo, but never run with my iPhone. Heaven forbid … Continue reading

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A Perhaps Good Bye

There’s a spot at the Central Park Resevoir renamed after Jackie O., that is a common place for suicide since rumor has it, it’s the deepest and most effective place to jump. On occasion one sees flowers left in remembrance … Continue reading

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There’s a man who fast walks in the park with a beautiful golden retriever he lets off her leash. She runs like a colt, jumping in and out of the bushes, greeting you like a Campfire Girl. The glitch? She … Continue reading

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Squirrel Life

Have you ever watched squirrels in action? I’ve decided they’re great teachers, the way they conduct themselves, so independently of their fellow creatures.  You never see them steal food from the birds, or interrupt when they’re in a group.  And … Continue reading

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Best Line of the Week

I’m in the park, walking rather than running, overdressed since it went from 30 to 65 degrees without passing GO, when I see a Bullmastiff the size of Pittsburgh. He’s the color of tanned wheat, with Paul Anka eyes making … Continue reading

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Spring Is On The Phone

She called to say, she’s on her way, in Palm Beach at the moment, doing a little shopping…and can you blame her, after weathering all this bad weather? A little Versace can do wonders for a girl, remember, so we … Continue reading

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