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Thanksgiving 2019

I’m spending Thanksgiving with Carrie, rereading all her books, making it one of the best ever. Let’s hear it for great writing that peels off the page like a good yam, or ham, in Carrie’s case.  She writes a lot … Continue reading

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The Last Noel

I’m here thinking of Christmases I can’t help but to remember, like war wounds, when it rains. Before I turn them into sci-fi, let me say, my mother loved the holidays.  She was Mrs. Claus, with a spaghetti strainer in … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Turkey

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was a favorite holiday of mine, despite the fact the entire family got drunk and disorderly. I remember when my mother stabbed my father with her super-duper carving knife, delaying dinner till he returned from … Continue reading

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A Hairy Story

I was sitting at a little cafe in midtown when a well-dressed woman, two stools down, looked up from her phone and said, “What does hirsute mean?” “Hairy,” I said, without thought or pause, a word that always makes me … Continue reading

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Frankly Speaking

No, I’m not about to give a confession. Frank was my father’s name, or Frankie to those who loved him, which now explains why my mother called him Frank. I remember the night after not seeing or even speaking for … Continue reading

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The Point of Christmas Cards

 They’re traditional? It’s nice to get them?  You have nothing better to do than sit on the floor in your undies writing three dozen? I send them every year, get them from Wildlife and The American Humane Society, figuring, I’m … Continue reading

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I Believe In Ferries

I had a job in Staten Island, opting to self-report, sailing at dawn feeling like Sinbad the Sailor. I’ve written many times about the Staten Island Ferry, how wonderful it is and the best deal in town, since it’s free. … Continue reading

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Birthday Blues

 When did birthdays become so bleak? Mine is approaching and I’m thinking of holding a wake.  Sitting Shiva might even be better since it goes on for a week.  Another reason to want to be Jewish. When I was small, … Continue reading

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Flipping Your Mattress

My friends Ed and Evelyn were visiting friends in Connecticut, or the Nutmeg State, as Ed put it. Such an apt name for the place of my birth, was my instant reply. Connecticut sears through my blood whether I like … Continue reading

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The Ornament Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Christmas is in full swing, at least on paper.  I’ve noticed there’s a bit of lethargy going on.  Are shoppers yawning, or is that my imagination?  Even the Salvation Army bell-ringers look as if they’ve left their cheer at home. … Continue reading

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