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Best Line of the Week

As I’m attempting to exit Starbucks via their backdoor, a cup of coffee in each hand, using my rear to push it open, I can’t. The hinges have been recently changed, so as I’m pushing, the door just won’t budge. … Continue reading

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The French Press

I thought the French press was something the French did in bed. Who knew it was an odd looking coffee pot. Certainly not me who spends a small fortune at Starbucks,¬†which is why, I thought, I’ll just buy myself a … Continue reading

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Whoa Nellie

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Unwind…Be Kind

Yes, I’m trying to be clever, but please note my brain is frozen since it’s cold again. Spring stopped by for a day or so but took off again during the night. What’s with her? I’ve been so wrapped up … Continue reading

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The Man With No Teeth

Every morning I go to this little place and have a coffee before I run. I finally broke myself of my expensive latte habit (only have 1 on Sundays) and The Corner Cafe makes a great cup especially if you’re … Continue reading

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My Latte Runneth Over

Being an Italian, post-menopausal, Cancerian girl (at 90 I’ll be a girl, you have a problem with that?) I tend to be dark. Things, plain and simply, bother me. I chant little litanies like, ‘life is short’ and ‘how important … Continue reading

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