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Best Story of the Week…January 7

It’s still dark as I make my way to the Park, the temperature barely hitting 30. I’m wearing so many clothes it looks as if I’ve just sneaked out of a hotel without paying the bill, the only way to … Continue reading

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Weather Or Not

I don’t do well in the cold. These couple of weeks of frigid temperatures have taken their toll. To put mildly…I’VE BEEN FUCKING MISERABLE. Come to think of it, I also pale in heat, rain, snow, hail and sleet. I … Continue reading

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The Carmela Chronicles

I’ve been going to Brooklyn faithfully every week, but not only on Saturdays. Due to weather, I needed to exercise some flexibility so Carm and I could go for a nice, comfy walk. Like most women, she hates getting wet … Continue reading

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Keeping The Faith

Saturday morning…birr What a challenge. Between wearing ski clothes to bed because the boiler went south to screaming, I can’t hear you, to your new landlord who has to be so sorry he ever bought your building in the first … Continue reading

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The Winter Of My Discontent

It’s still not officially winter, but it may as well be. I’m already layered like I’m sneaking out of a hotel…tights, long johns, 5 ply turtleneck sweaters. If I’m not careful I might tip right over as I’m walking down … Continue reading

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Could Be A Rumor

I’m here in my flannel bathrobe shivering after going for a rather numb run. I made myself brave the cold chanting the words…spring is coming…spring is coming. Of course one can’t help but be a little skeptical considering the weather … Continue reading

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Skiing Up Madison

Camille and I are in front of the Scandinavian Ski Shop on East 55th Street. No, we’re not hitting the slopes, we’re just trying to keep warm in our ensuing travels. This was Camille’s idea by the way. Mine was … Continue reading

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Four-Legged Laugh

It’s the weekend…I’m gloomy because it’s much too cold to run. My pal Joan had sent these to cheer me up. To say they’re cute is an understatement. You’re leading again. What’s under there? OOPS. I can sleep anywhere. You … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’m sitting here in so many clothes I look as if I’m about to sneak out of a hotel. When I say I’m not ready for this cold snap I’m not kidding. First of all, my warmer clothes are still … Continue reading

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