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A Banana For Your Thoughts

It’s an early misty morning as I go out for a walk, not feeling my best. Before coming home, I stop at the all night fruit stand to buy a banana, to steady myself since I feel a little dizzy. … Continue reading

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There but for the Grace of God Go I…Mother Fucker

I’m writing this for me, not anyone who may happen to read it. I am so colossally tired of apologizing for my hearing loss. It’s to my credit, and believe me, deserve an award, that I haven’t stabbed anyone. The … Continue reading

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God’s Girls

I received such nice comments on my Pollyanna piece, making me glad I wrote it, after almost deleting it because it was so, you know, Pollyanna-ish. Has had me thinking about the three Gs. Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity…the three places … Continue reading

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Best Story Of The Week

I’m sitting in a cafe having tea, lost in thought, I gather…looking a bit lonely; an uneaten pastry before me, an unopened book on my lap. A pretty, young girl, no more than twenty, sidles over and says,” Ma’am, I … Continue reading

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Only I would come upon a 16 year-old girl weeping, early in the morning, because she feels her ass is too big. First off, I never go by anyone who’s crying without stopping to see why.  I’ve had so many … Continue reading

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Of Course I’ll Help You

A woman on a walker is wedged between two parked cars.  How she got there is a mystery. I’m late for the dentist and scurry on by, but when I get to the corner, turn, and see she’s still there. … Continue reading

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The Furry Departed

We’ve all been through it. Topdown with Chester, Kate with Jake. Even me, who, whenever I see a tube of any kind, still cries over Carmela the Bassett Hound, who is still among us, just in Jersey. Or is it … Continue reading

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Tatters of the Heart

My friend Joan and I were discussing how weepy we’ve become in our twilight years, how everything seems to make us cry. We’re like those old AT&T commercials, when the son surprises his mom on Christmas, or the dog jumping … Continue reading

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Kukla Fran And Molly

I’m beginning to feel like Joseph Mitchell, a vintage writer for the New Yorker, not to ever put myself in his esteemed class, but because I too seem to collect characters to write about. Check out his classic, Up In … Continue reading

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Leaving Port

Once again I am losing a friend.  Since my hearing loss three years ago this is nothing new.  Those I thought cared deeply for me, jumped ship.  And now it’s happened again.  I would never expose who it is though … Continue reading

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