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Temper Temper

There’s a runner in the park I’d like to kill.  You usually see him trying to woo women by showing them around wearing American flag shorts.  It’s the only time I’ve ever wanted to burn the flag. He likes to … Continue reading

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Temper Temper

One of my big lessons in life is to count to ten before I respond. This is so I don’t take someone’s head off with that baguette I’m famous for carrying. Another trick I’ve learned is to call someone first … Continue reading

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Retort Verses Restraint

One of my favorite 12 Step slogans is: Restraint of pen and tongue. In other words, shut-up and whatever you do, don’t send that email you know you shouldn’t send. I’ve said it before but people say things to me … Continue reading

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Things That Elude Me Part 3

People who put their feet up on furniture is my new pet peeve and I believe it’s becoming epidemic. I often speak of the library I belong to with great affection. There’s a reading room I frequent with easy chairs … Continue reading

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Patience is a virtue I’ve never had and if I look as if I have it, it’s because I pretend that I do. I find that chewing Tums help a great deal along with vats of Pinot Grigio in achieving … Continue reading

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What Did You Call Me?

I go out of my way to get along with people. I’ll admit, that wasn’t always the case but I’ve mellowed quite a bit in my twilight years. That said, I wanted to garrote a woman today who got angry … Continue reading

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Here’s Spit In Your Eye

I always feel there should be a certain amount of decorum regardless of what a person’s doing and this includes running. This morning I was galloping along the road in my new spring outfit having a nice, restful run – … Continue reading

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Dinner and a Movie

I feel dinner and a movie, unless you’re indoors combining the 2, should be conducted separately. I went to a matinee on Friday. I was feeling blue and my pal Ali had given me a pass to a Lowes Theater … Continue reading

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