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Is The Bar Open?

I can’t say, how often I’m annoyed in the course of a day. People drive me crazy. The tunnel vision, unconsciousness, self-absorption has become epidemic, and it riles me to no end. When did courtesy leave town never to be … Continue reading

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Air Hugging

You’ve heard of the Connecticut kiss haven’t you…when someone smooches the air instead of you?  This is the squeeze version.  A friend (or foe) leans in only to touch you as if you had leprosy. That’s an insult, not a … Continue reading

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Pardon Me Madam

  I pride myself in having good etiquette since being a New Englander it flows through me like plasma, or lava, as an ex of mine used to say. And my naivete knows no bounds whenever the ill mannered and … Continue reading

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I’m No Snitch

Maybe it’s an Italian thing. If you told me you killed nine people I’d never say a word. I might run away from you and move to Wisconsin with no forwarding address, but your secret would forever be safe with … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning when I was running I saw a baby raccoon lolling in a tree. It was daylight so it’s always a surprise to see one. He was happily playing with leaves on a branch that, after covertly watching, totally … Continue reading

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The City Where I Live

Though I was born and raised in Connecticut, New York is really my home since I’ve lived here for 35 years. This will sound odd but it’s the only place where I truly feel safe. It’s when I’m in Darien … Continue reading

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Those Who Know Me

People ask me why to do I go to the same restaurant week after week? It’s because they know me, that’s why. They know where I like to sit and if someone is already sitting there which rarely happens, they … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’m sitting here in so many clothes I look as if I’m about to sneak out of a hotel. When I say I’m not ready for this cold snap I’m not kidding. First of all, my warmer clothes are still … Continue reading

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Table For One?

I received call from a woman I knew in Connecticut who saw me dining in a restaurant alone. I swear, I thought she was going to have a stroke. “Susannah, shame on you, what do you mean eating all by … Continue reading

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