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When Life Gets Corny

I love popcorn. Basking in bed with a big bowl and a book, is my idea of heaven, without leaving the house. The trouble is, the sodium, even in Skinny Pop, the single girl’s answer to keeping your dress size … Continue reading

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The Egg And I

No, Yul Brynner was not in this. It’s about a quote I read in the September issue of O. “Eggs are the little black dress of your kitchen- sophisticated and simple, versatile and tasteful!” As you may know, I have … Continue reading

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Faith Baked at 350

There’s a saying from the Torah that comes to mind this morning… Blessed are those who have faith that cannot see. I sent it to a girl I know who’s having a terrible time. It was sent to me back … Continue reading

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The Frying Pan

Camille, who came over for breakfast on Saturday, got annoyed when I asked how she’d like her eggs. “Why do you ask me that when they always come out scrambled?” “Well, I try to make them sunny side up the … Continue reading

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Breadtime Stories

I stole my title from a cafe I frequent; thought it was so clever and funny and it certainly pertains to me at the moment. All I know is I wish there was a 12 Step meeting for baguette.    I … Continue reading

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Homage to Nora

I spent last weekend weeping while watching Nora Ephron films starting with Heartburn, her movie based on her fateful marriage to the writer Carl Bernstein. My favorite part of course is when she slams him in the face with a … Continue reading

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Boobs and a Pie Plate

My pal Camille and I had one of our heart to heart talks about men. I should say liver to liver since we got pretty smashed in the process. This is a companion piece by the way to my essay … Continue reading

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Geisha For Hire

Despite my independent lifestyle, I still suffer from what I call ‘Geisha Girl Syndrome’ that one could say was inherited. My mother had it and undoubtedly passed it down to me. When I was little I used to watch her … Continue reading

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Am I Crazy?

This is a question I often ask myself especially now that I’m getting older. I can’t help looking for signs. I think I kind of liked it better when there wasn’t such a strobe light on one’s actions once you … Continue reading

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My Latte Runneth Over

Being an Italian, post-menopausal, Cancerian girl (at 90 I’ll be a girl, you have a problem with that?) I tend to be dark. Things, plain and simply, bother me. I chant little litanies like, ‘life is short’ and ‘how important … Continue reading

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