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Assault and Batteries

I’m in the Park as the sun is coming up, alone except for a pigeon who won’t take no for an answer. After stretching my calves the size of mangoes from all my years of running, take flight I see … Continue reading

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When The Lettuce Turns

There’s an Italian expression my grandmother liked, when lettuce ceases to be edible…fachadda…meaning, the leaves are dead, shriveled…salad history, if you will. I had a week that left me, let’s just say, fachadda, in every area. It began with a job…a good … Continue reading

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Spot Remover

Once again I find myself in a swoon over someone else’s inappropriate behavior. This time it involves an article of clothing…a sweet, little gray down jacket I gave to a friend. Well, she’s since been demoted to a demented dowager … Continue reading

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Minutes From A New York Writer’s Workshop

This may become a feature…we’ll see. But it’s dawned on me, though making copious mental notes of all I see, I’m not always quick on the draw dialogue wise, wading through and wasting, some of the best lines overheard ever. … Continue reading

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The Observer

I constantly watch people. Not in an intrusive way…it’s more merely paying attention to one’s surroundings. Today I was walking across the park and witnessed two very sweet things. The first was a mother and her, no more than 2 … Continue reading

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Talkin Trash

Before I tell my little tale let me just say that I was completely in the wrong for doing what I did. That said, city workers in every capacity could work a little on their overall people skills. Yesterday morning, … Continue reading

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Belly Talk

Women have become obsessed with their middles since that’s all they seem to talk about. I recently found myself cornered in a ladies room being examined like a cow at a county fair. “How do you do it?” “Do what?” … Continue reading

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