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Dueling Phones

Who needs to be a couple these days, when you have a phone.  I’m in a restaurant watching how no one relates to who they’re with anymore. It’s amazing.  They come in, sit down, and immediately check their phones, and … Continue reading

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A Sly Eye

  I’m not fond of a man who ogles you while he’s with someone else. It’s as if he’s not crazy about the entree he ordered as you go by on a passing tray. I knew I should have had the … Continue reading

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Snappy Resonses I Never Gave

To be perfectly honest, with the exception of my sex drive which sadly, is still at large, I canʼt say that I miss much of my youth. What I would like though would be the opportunity to go back to … Continue reading

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When You’re Too Happy

I was in a great mood this morning sleeping 13 blissful hours.  This came about after my friend Jed took me out for a lavish lunch where I ate and drank as if I were going to the chair. I … Continue reading

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Boobs and a Pie Plate

My pal Camille and I had one of our heart to heart talks about men. I should say liver to liver since we got pretty smashed in the process. This is a companion piece by the way to my essay … Continue reading

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Sex On Rye, Hold the Mayo

It shouldn’t be assumed everyone likes the same thing in bed. That’s like saying everybody  eats meat and we know that is simply not true. Like any predilection, sexual preferences vary. For instance, I don’t like anyone touching my feet … Continue reading

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Sexual Misconceptions

I want to clear something up. Women of a certain age still love sex, they are merely much more selective than they were at 30. Alright, who said prove it? When I’m asked why I’m not on the prowl like … Continue reading

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Can I Give You a Lift?

Today I was stopped by a sign in a store window that said, ‘How 20 Minutes Could Change Your Life…’ According to Miss Marjorie, if I came in for a bra consultation everything, and I mean everything would be coming … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin

I’ve mentioned more than once how I enjoy observing other people’s behavior, so today I thought we could discuss women and their men. Yes, I know, ‘hot-dog, now there’s a topic.’ Let’s just clarify that I’m single right now and … Continue reading

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