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When Everything Old Is New Again

Remember that Peter Allen song? I found myself humming it window shopping down Madison.   When everything old i-is new-ew a-again. I took an early morning stroll, the only time to really get a good look in all the shop … Continue reading

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Minutes From A New York Writer’s Workshop – December

Carmela, my friend the basset hound, and I were in a deep discussion over shoes. I’ve been looking for a pair of cocoa brown spectator pumps the same shade as her ears and for the life of me, cannot find … Continue reading

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I’m been wanting to write about my shoemaker for a while now, since he’s one of my favorite people. I always say, I could never live without Phil. He’s not what you’d call your average cobbler. He’s much more than … Continue reading

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Exhaustion All Encompassing

I am so tired from a hellish week of work that I can’t feel my body… it’s numb. I even canceled my weekly nail appointment because I’m truly too beat to walk the 3 blocks to the ‘Happy Nails Salon.’ … Continue reading

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Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listenin?

Yes, till it’s coming out of my ears. I don’t understand why they have to only play Christmas music for the whole month of December. I’m so sick of Bing Crosby, I don’t care how many times he played a … Continue reading

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