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Roll Model

A friend of a friend’s fourteen year-old daughter asked if she could interview me. She needed a live model for a project I assumed was for school. Come to find out I wasn’t her first choice, just the only one … Continue reading

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Parts And Recreation

Is cleavage on the rise, or is it just me? In Connecticut, where I’m from, a girl would never dream of wearing white after Labor Day, or displaying her bosom before five o’clock.  So when I bump into a plunging neckline, say, at the lunch counter at Bloomingdale’s, I’m thrown, and, I’ll admit, slightly embarrassed since I’m more the turtleneck type regardless of what time it is. Then we have women ten years older than me looking twenty years younger due to a monthly maintenance of Botox and fat injections. I even know a gal who had two ribs removed so she could wear a Carolina Herrera evening gown she won in a silent auction at her daughter’s school. With the money she spent at the surgeon’s, she could have just gone to the store and bought one in her own size. How do men feel about all this?  Do they view women the same way they view cars?  Is a dent here and there really out of the question? How big does a front seat truly have to be? My curiosity moved me to conduct a little survey. You have to agree we women go to an awful lot of trouble (and expense) just to be noticed. Does it matter all that much if we’re a 34D? “Absolutely,” said Dominick, the butcher, whom I met outside of Pastis in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. “The bigger, the better,” he added while stacking boxes of beef. “Do you care if they’re fake or not. You know, silicone as opposed to the real McCoy?” “This isn’t some reality show, is it?” he asked, looking around for a camera crew.  “My mother could be watching.” “No, I work alone,” I assured him. “Well, then, sure I’d care, but like the Stones said, you can’t always get what ya want so you learn to appreciate what ya got. (Did Mick really say that?)  Now take this rack-a lamb here.” “What about texture?” I asked, hoping I sounded like Diane Sawyer. “My shanks will melt in your mouth.” “No, I … Continue reading

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Memoir Unrequited

I make no bones about how much I love to read, memoir in particular. To read someone’s life story is such a privilege providing they tell the truth. I feel teased and misled when a writer holds back. Candor is … Continue reading

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I remember the day of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s funeral. I was out doing laundry and when I came back home who was standing on my doorstep talking to a friend but John Kennedy Jr., I live above a trendy cafe … Continue reading

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