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The Great Wiener Chase

I often write about the very rich and their opulence that can easily turn into the ridiculous, like this morning. A family I’ve never seen, owns 6 miniature Dachshunds walked each morning, faithfully, by a middle-aged Latino man. Today, something … Continue reading

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A Basset May Come’a Callin’

I still think of Carmela the Basset Hound as though she were a long lost sister, just one with stubby legs and long, silly ears. For those of you who never read the Carmela Chronicles, she belonged to a snooty … Continue reading

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FDR’s Fala Speech

Once again, history came a callin’. There I was coming back from Zitomer, the Cartier of drug stores, after purchasing my semi annual Clinque Chubbystick in Maraschino Red, when who do I come upon but a black, Scottish Terrier, a … Continue reading

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What A Guy

Gino, the Rottweiler, and Janie, his walker and I had a play date. I had the pleasure of accompanying them to the park, and what a good time we had. Gino and I played ball, walking to Bethesda Fountain to … Continue reading

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The Best Story Of The Week

Every morning I see a dog walker with several poodles, never any other breed. My first encounter with this handsome, middle-aged man…punky looking with a tattoo of an anchor wrapping around his arm like a nautical tourniquet, was me snapping … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Carry A Gun

Because I’d be in jail. As I’m walking into the bank, there’s a young man waiting in line with three old dogs slumped on the floor. It’s always a delight when any establishment is animal friendly. Without pause I say, … Continue reading

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A Dog Texter No More

I had a skirmish in the park this morning. Who said, what else is new? I’ll admit, this has been like a slow train coming since it’s not a new story. Central Park is filled with dog walkers. Some with … Continue reading

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Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

I sometimes find it very hard to mind my own business, you know, like Gladys Kravitz.  I’ve definitely gotten better but every once in a while I slip. The big question is always, when is it appropriate to butt in … Continue reading

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Leader of the Pack

This morning when I turned onto Fifth to go into the park I was greeted by a dog walker with a good 10 dogs. I see them most mornings so I stopped to comment how big Buttercup, the Cocker Spaniel … Continue reading

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