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Remnants of a Beauty

I’m on the train once again, when a girl in her 30s? 40s? clearly an addict, is methodically asking for money. Now, I don’t carry cash during the day, because by the time I get home, it’s gone, given away … Continue reading

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Part of my run in the morning is to walk around Harlem Hill. It extends my run in the park by a good mile and a half. It’s not the safest part of Central Park, but it’s positively breathtaking. It’s … Continue reading

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Does Truth Truly Set You Free?

The Bible says: Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…John 8:32 You hear this in 12 Step a lot, but they add…but first it will kick your sorry ass. I’m in that group. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Learning How To Be

Years ago someone gave me a set of ancient Rune Cards (similar to Tarot ) I sadly no longer have,    but one in particular has always stayed fixed in my memory. I can’t recall its name but remember the inscription; to paraphrase: … Continue reading

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What I Know Now That I Didn’t Know Then

You know how they say youth is wasted on the young? I’ve decided I’m in full accordance. If only I knew at 20 what I know now, boy would things have been different. One, I would have gone to school … Continue reading

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