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The Camille Chronicles – July 2014

Camille and I had a date to go shopping, but instead of Bloomies or Saks she wanted to go to an outlet downtown. When I tell you this is so not Camille, I’m not kidding. “Why are we here again?” … Continue reading

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I Lost My Shirt

I made my maiden voyage on eBay last weekend. My good friend Peter from Florida, who’s a merchandising master, taught me the ropes. At least he tried to, before it became more and more like a Lucy episode. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Kids From Hell

Little kids fascinate me. Sometimes I sit on a park bench and just watch them twirling their parents around their tiny, sticky fingers like lariats. I’m always amazed at how much they get away with. When I was little, forget … Continue reading

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After some serious musing I realized, that is what I truly yearn for. Not financial security with someone who looks great on paper who I really can’t stand to be with, or someone else that’s good for a dinner here … Continue reading

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