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So Long Mimi

My friend Mimi died, passed away peacefully in her sleep. Though well into her 80s, it’s not a comfort when someone says, she lived a good life. Maybe so, but my sadness still surrounds me like a scrim I can’t quite see … Continue reading

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Unexpected Visitor

Got a call. We’re going to Connecticut house hunting, will you watch Tallulah while we’re gone? Will I? For those of you who don’t know, Tallulah the bichon, is my former next door neighbor whom I love.  She came into … Continue reading

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Kicked In The Wallet

 I’m a giver, I am, since to borrow a line from St. Francis, receiving is in the giving.  It’s also the best antidote when you’re troubled, vodka being a close second. I’ve been thinking of a woman I met on … Continue reading

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Leaving Port

Once again I am losing a friend.  Since my hearing loss three years ago this is nothing new.  Those I thought cared deeply for me, jumped ship.  And now it’s happened again.  I would never expose who it is though … Continue reading

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Carmela Finds Her True Home

First I’d like to thank everyone for their unstinting compassion towards me and Carmela these past couple of weeks. To say there have been some curves along the way is an understatement. For those of you who may not know, … Continue reading

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Things I Remember About Bill Hicks

The Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole was his favorite book and the first gift he ever gave me. Reservoir Dogs along with Don’t Look Now, A Face In The Crowd and Hud favorite movies. Sadly, he never got … Continue reading

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Accepting What Is

Like Christmas on sale. You have to be a very special consumer to fill your 2015 holiday needs the day after. Cards, 75% off…all menorahs half price. You’re really a nut to buy a nutcracker when your tree isn’t even … Continue reading

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The Passing Of Paws

My friend Joan had to put her son’s dog down over Thanksgiving, probably the hardest, saddest task in the whole wide world…and on a holiday. First to make the decision, then to have to go do it. I’ve been there, … Continue reading

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Joan Rivers 1933 – 2014

  My mother loved her…would inform anyone who’d listen…that the little girl from Larchmont is the guest host on Johnny Carson tonight. It was the only time she stayed up…when Joan was on. I felt very sad when my friend … Continue reading

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Accepting What Is

I spent the morning looking for my favorite Tiffany fountain pen I’ve had for fifteen years. I had bought it for myself after selling my very first story to The Brooklyn Eagle for fifty bucks. It was a great day… … Continue reading

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