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Yarn, a Spun Word

I ran into a friend who said, he really enjoys reading the yarns I tell on my blog. The term yarn took me back for a second since I just read in a bio on Lincoln, he loved spinning a … Continue reading

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Write What You See

Someone I like very much said, she’s more and more amazed at the wide variety of people I meet and write about. It’s really because I pay attention to what’s around me, and there’s plenty, if you do. Just this morning, … Continue reading

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A Dull Utterance

A friend or foe, depending how you take it, said my daily utterances, as they put it, have become a tad dull. Excuse me, while I slip my head in the oven. They miss my monthly Carlyle pieces, and I … Continue reading

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Cab This

A mother and her teenage daughter are on my corner having an argument. The kid wants to take a taxi, and mom the bus. Mind you, they look very affluent in blazers and fancy jeans, but the mother is adamant … Continue reading

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Pithier Posts

I’ve been practicing brevity lately in terms of blogging, realizing, posts shouldn’t be the length of War and Peace. I have 1,571 posts in my archives, and if you read the earlier ones, boy…did I need an editor. “In writing, … Continue reading

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Feeling Less Because Of Another

I try very hard being positive avoiding self-pity like the plague, but sometimes when you’re not looking, you get hit by a sniper on the roof. I suffer from hearing loss, the biggest challenge I’ve ever had. To say it’s … Continue reading

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Portobello Memories – Friday Fictioneer

My good friend David Stewart greenwalledtower.wordpress.com invited me to write an essay on Friday Fictioneers, a weekly blog post with many participants. A photo is posted on rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com by Rochelle, its noble moderator, at 3:30am EST every Wednesday, and you … Continue reading

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Books On The Table

Been reading a lot lately never happy unless I have 5 or 6 in the on-deck circle. God bless the library with its endless supply of tomes not yet read.  1) How Do Be A Movie Star…Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood … Continue reading

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Blog Post 1000

When my friend Amy put the site up for me as a birthday gift in July, 2011, who knew I’d still be behind the helm. I figured I’d fool around a bit, then jump ship. Wonders never cease. I treat … Continue reading

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Seen Through Your Eyes

I’m still at a point in my writing where I care what the world thinks of me hesitating to shock with the inappropriate. For instance, there’s an essay in my pipeline called Cyberly F–ked I just can’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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