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Blog Life

I’m here assessing my site that’s pretty unread. I don’t do much to glean followers I’ll admit, so that’s a big part of it. I realize social-media is a must if you want mass attention. It didn’t stop me though … Continue reading

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Cyberly Fucked

No, this isn’t about sex online, when you happily heave-ho through your computer screen. It’s becoming versed in the cyber powers that be. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Goodreads, Shebooks, Reddit, Pinerest and Tumblr. With the exception of re-posting a … Continue reading

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Cyberly Challenged

I recently put athingirl.com on Facebook, something I said I’d never do. I figured, she had a heartbeat of her own that had zip to do with Susannah becoming my justification in doing so. The site itself remains foreign. I … Continue reading

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I Vont To Be Read but Otherwise Left Alone

I’m not on Facebook or Twitter although my friend Amy thinks tweeting would be a nice way to glean followers. I don’t know though, with the exception of The Social Network, the movie, ( love Aaron Sorkin) I find the … Continue reading

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