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Oh God

I was raised Catholic, though running for my life, my mother using God like a machete to scare me half to death, certainly a bad rap for the great creator. My God as of late is more casual, in a … Continue reading

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Trust America

I’ve been reading all about Meryl Streep’s unexpected speech at the Golden Globes.  It surprised me, since her behavior is normally so neutral. She was indirectly, without mentioning his name, railing Donald Trump for allegedly mocking a handicapped journalist, an … Continue reading

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Notes To Self

Open your eyes…take those blinders off there’s so much to see, and since sight is now your chief sense, you better well use it. Compile your blessings like building blocks reminding you how much you’re given minute by minute.  Rid … Continue reading

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Christian Science 101

This is what I get for reading the news. Val Kilmer, an actor I’ve always loved, had a tumor in his throat since the summer he pointedly ignored because his religion, Christian Science, doesn’t believe in modern medicine. They say, … Continue reading

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Crashing To Earth

I’m coming off medicine. It feels as if I’ve been launched by NASA, just without a suit. I stayed on Prednisone longer than I should have hoping it would do its magic without too much harm. Of course, you don’t … Continue reading

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Designed To Recover

I’ve been thinking how hardy we humans are…how we go through terrible things in our lives yet ultimately come out the other side. 2013 was the worst year of my life. Illness, loss, debt all paid me a very unexpected … Continue reading

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The Nightgown

Self-care comes in many guises. It’s the manner in which we choose to live and the overall way we treat ourselves: how we eat, the amount of sleep we get, the way we keep our homes. Everything we do reflects … Continue reading

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Wet and Wild

Last Friday when I was running the skies completely opened. When you find yourself in the middle of Central Park and it suddenly pours there’s nothing you can do except keep going. There isn’t even an awning you can huddle under … Continue reading

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That Patch of Sun

In 12 Step there’s a saying…            ‘move a muscle, change a thought.’ In other words, when something is troubling you don’t just sit home, go out because something you see will undoubtedly alter your mood. If you … Continue reading

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The Knishes of Strangers

I miss blogging on the weekends. Even though I have a moment when I wake up knowing I don’t have to jump out of bed that does feel great, there’s also a void I can’t deny. It’s good for me … Continue reading

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