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Everything Old Is New Again: And In Your Closet

Just now I was perusing the window of the over-priced boutique downstairs admiring a chocolate brown velvet blazer. What a great jacket, I muttered to myself imagining it with jeans, a peekaboo camisole  underneath…a little cleavage winking at the random … Continue reading

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Pardon Me Madam

  I pride myself in having good etiquette since being a New Englander it flows through me like plasma, or lava, as an ex of mine used to say. And my naivete knows no bounds whenever the ill mannered and … Continue reading

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America’s Day Off

It’s Labor Day in the U.S.A. and we Americans take it very seriously. Not only is no one working but they’ve more or less flown the coop. My neighborhood is so dead it looks like an abandoned movie set. Of … Continue reading

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My Blue Suede Shoes

I haven’t been shopping lately, though I did tiptoe down to The J. Crew after Xmas super sale to just see what was shakin. Turned out to be my knees when I saw that my favorite pair of pumps were … Continue reading

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Wet and Wild

Last Friday when I was running the skies completely opened. When you find yourself in the middle of Central Park and it suddenly pours there’s nothing you can do except keep going. There isn’t even an awning you can huddle under … Continue reading

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Isn’t that a nice word? It’s French for aimless idle behavior. The one doing it would be called a flaneur or an idle stroller.  (I tried putting the symbol over the A but WordPress requires a tutorial.) I like that, … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – March

I’ve made it no secret that I love hotel bars and Bemelmans at The Carlyle Hotel is one of my favorites. It’s intimate, private and they serve potato chips; what else can a girl ask for? Last I was there … Continue reading

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Mass Revisited

I decided, it being Lent and all, that I’d take in a mass or two at the old ‘it’s all my fault so flog me’ Catholic Church. Part of it was inspired by a little memoir I read by John … Continue reading

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I’ve had 5 major aesthetic influences in my life whose likenesses and differences commingled spilling over to me. They’re the reason I’ve looked the same for 35 years. Wow, did I just admit that? This post was inspired by my … Continue reading

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