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The Way It Is Now

Today I was chased by a Corgi named Goldie who I’m madly in love with. She’s a little more than a puppy with fur that feels like silk, nuzzling you, like a low to the ground lover. Her owner, however, … Continue reading

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Buoys in the Water

Yesterday as I was leaving my building, a woman from an upper floor was weeping on the arm of the doorman who was helping her to the elevator. Despite being 3 in the afternoon, she was in her bathrobe. I … Continue reading

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Let It Be

It’s been very hard sitting still, during what’s been going on in my beloved city. Yes, I’ve come to realize how much New York means to me, weeping for her weakened state. I still go out twice a day, walking … Continue reading

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Norma Rae In Crackers

Another drama unfolds at my neighborhood grocery store. There I was in Biscuits, Crackers and Chips, reading the sodium content on a box of Triscuits, when I hear a woman yelling at another woman who’s standing too close to her. … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

God just called and said, even he’s had it, he’s headed to the Sea of Galilee for a little trout fishing. My life is breaking down like the circus leaving town. I woke up to the news that my trusty … Continue reading

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Not Seeing Is Believing

I’m not religious, at least I don’t think I am. ¬†After my dear mother wielded Catholicism like a machete, I’ve hung up my bible for good, at least I think I have. I was 40 before realizing, God wouldn’t strike … Continue reading

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Fear In A Venti Cup

It’s dawned on me, as I sit in Starbucks early in the morning, my eyes dart up every time someone walks through the door wondering if they have a gun or explosives hidden in their laptop bag or knapsack. I’ve … Continue reading

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False Evidence Appearing Real

This is an acronym for the word fear in 12 Step. It’s one I try to remember, however, more often that not, find it slips my mind. This morning while occupying my little corner in Starbucks, I notice a frail … Continue reading

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The City Never Sleeps

I had to be all the way downtown at 4:30 a.m. the other day and was shocked at what I found. Rather than the emptiness I expected, the financial district was packed with people. There was even a bride and … Continue reading

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There are so many sad, awful animal stories that it’s nice to hear a happy one for a change. I was running along Central Park’s west side when I saw a white pit bull happily rolling in the grass. You … Continue reading

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