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The Thorn In My Paw

I saw a man I hadn’t seen in a while I’ll call Ted, who’s very active in the church I sometimes go to. When he sees me he does everything but genuflect, like I’m one of the Apostles, because I … Continue reading

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Test Tube Baby

I’m here online ordering a Dior johnny coat, since they’re becoming my norm.  I question their expense when you consider they’re totally open in the back…but you know how pricy labels are.  Wonder if Tom Ford makes one. Yes, of … Continue reading

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Heartlessness of Doctors

Should I go into medicine, or be an assassin? So not to disappoint my parents I chose the former. My mother said I could be another Doctor Kildare. I mean, how could I say no. This big ear is to … Continue reading

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I have no idea what it’s like for a man to have a prostate exam, but I hope it’s as humiliating as having a mammogram. You have to ask yourself, what did my boobs ever do to deserve this? I … Continue reading

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I’m in the throes of coming off a two week siege of steroids. Imagine rolling down a hill at 90 miles per hour, or being shoved from a plane without a parachute. And guess what, the physical aspects are the … Continue reading

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Lights Out

I almost got killed the other day, and it was totally my fault. I was on the phone. My friend Chris was relating a story while I, without as much as a glance either way, walked right into traffic. Something … Continue reading

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Noo Yawk Noo Yawk

My mother used to ask me at least once a day, “How can you live in that dirty, crime ridden city Susannah?” “It’s where my clothes are Ma.”                   ‘What did you say? You’re still not too big to hit you … Continue reading

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A True New Yorker

This morning I was running counterclockwise around the track when a topless man with biceps the size of grapefruits coming from the opposite direction muttered, “You fucking, goddamned whory no good cunt sonovabitch I’ll get you,” as he ran by … Continue reading

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When does one become accident prone? I always think this happens when your 80 not 50, but apparently I was misinformed. I’ve had 3 mishaps in the past 2 weeks making me afraid to leave my house. The first one … Continue reading

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