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Thin Girl On Sale

Today I’m off to Bloomingdales to buy a new blender with my 20%, customer preferred coupon that insures me a good deal. I feel as if I should don armor since shopping the day after Christmas is scary business, but … Continue reading

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Pizza Light

I love pizza, though rarely eat it due to those empty carbs it contains, I don’t care what the sign says: whole wheat crust, low fat scamutz (cheese), veggie toppings…it’s still pizza. It’s a pity it’s not part of my … Continue reading

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Home Economics

No, this is not about an apron I made in the 8th grade, it’s an expose on Susannah’s how should I say it… pecuniary peculiarities. And I’m giving myself an A in ‘alliteration 101’ this sticky, sultry, Thursday morning. To … Continue reading

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Dueling Toupees

Before I go into my latest tale let me just say for you men out there, I don’t mind a bald head since I much prefer one to a hairpiece that looks as if it was shot on safari. That … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m devoting an entire post to this. Why pray tell? Because it’s the leader of the pack, that’s why. WordPress has a new feature on your homepage that tells you what tags reap the most hits (readers). It seems … Continue reading

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Sex On Rye, Hold the Mayo

It shouldn’t be assumed everyone likes the same thing in bed. That’s like saying everybody¬† eats meat and we know that is simply not true. Like any predilection, sexual preferences vary. For instance, I don’t like anyone touching my feet … Continue reading

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Did You Hear What I Said?

I know I complain a lot about my friend Trudy and you’re probably wondering why I don’t just can the relationship. The reason for that is, I can’t fight with everybody even though I’d like to. Tolerance has to come … Continue reading

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iPod Exchange

I’ll just bet you could learn everything you needed to know about a man by simply listening to his iPod. Think about it, if some cute guy you met at a party had only show tunes on his, imagine the … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

I knew ‘Boxing Day’ was an English/Canadian holiday but assumed it involved the sport. Come to find out it has nothing to do with fighting and everything to do with giving. It was when all the rich landowners boxed up … Continue reading

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Decking the Halls

If you want to feel great on Christmas Eve try getting the flu the day before. Yesterday I was so dizzy I couldn’t get up even posting from bed with a bucket at my feet. Today, I’m back to my … Continue reading

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