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Urban Catholic

I’m not religious by any means but still often, pop into church. To quote Bunny Mellon…I’m a different sort of Christian. I don’t really come by to pray, I stop in to talk with God because he’s a dear, dear … Continue reading

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FDR’s Fala Speech

Once again, history came a callin’. There I was coming back from Zitomer, the Cartier of drug stores, after purchasing my semi annual Clinque Chubbystick in Maraschino Red, when who do I come upon but a black, Scottish Terrier, a … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real

I heard someone say, we need to stop fighting reality in order to be happy. It stopped me in my tracks since we do shadowbox with what is, something I already know, not¬†accepting the things we cannot change, to quote … Continue reading

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What About The Children

Today is the twelfth anniversary of September 11th, so the irony of this is not lost on me. I’m not political. I merely pray and hope for the best where our leaders are concerned, which I’d admit, is like an … Continue reading

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Tender Mercer

I was at the New York Society Library the other day sitting between two women having a passionate discussion about Lucy Mercer, one of the most famous mistresses in American History. They have a lovely little room off the Children’s … Continue reading

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Hyde The Salam On Hudson

As you know, I love history so I couldn’t wait to see the new film, Hyde Park On Hudson with Bill Murray playing FDR. I had seen a preview which I have to say was quite misleading since it implied … Continue reading

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