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Best Story of the Week…December 10th

After my run in the morning, I often stop at my friend’s gourmet store, just opening up. I do it for the company and the cup of coffee I leave with. Sometimes Tony will ask me to help, like today … Continue reading

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Friendship a Bloomin’

The Latino woman preceding me most days in the Starbuck’s line, along with the African American cook who works for a rich family on Fifth, have become fast friends. I’ve been watching it unfold, this funny friendship you’d never expect … Continue reading

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Mimi Mimi Me

Bad news.  Mimi, my former neighbor, cancelled her visit. The powers that be convinced her traveling in the cold was a bad idea.  Let me just say, they were wrong.  She’s such a hardy soul, for starters, who could certainly … Continue reading

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Text And The City

Just when you think you’re about to have a nice, peaceful weekend, some nut decides to catch up texting her little heart out. So I’m in Frisco with Fredrico eating on the marina. Where are you? Home cleaning my oven. … Continue reading

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No More Mimi

Yesterday Mimi, my friend and neighbor, left, moving to Washington where I will more than likely never see her again. Yeah, I know, it’s not so far, but as she said good-bye, I knew, we were at the end of … Continue reading

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Missing Mimi

My 89 year-old neighbor, who’s lived in my building since the year I was born, is leaving to move into an assisted retirement community in Washington D.C after being diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. Boy, did I not see that one … Continue reading

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Tatters of the Heart

My friend Joan and I were discussing how weepy we’ve become in our twilight years, how everything seems to make us cry. We’re like those old AT&T commercials, when the son surprises his mom on Christmas, or the dog jumping … Continue reading

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We’re In

I made it.  I’m actually sitting here at my new, old desk feeling rather good.  It’s over.  There’s something to be said for the end of hysterical anticipation. When I left for the last time on Saturday, I stood for … Continue reading

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Hall Of Mirrors

If someone really wants to know about you they should get to know your friends.  Not to grill mind you, but to see your reflection they hold in their eyes. To put it another way, our friends represent us. If … Continue reading

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Missing A Friend

A follower of mine asked why I haven’t mentioned Camille. We had a fight, that’s why. I want to say it was stupid, and all my fault, but it’s not how I feel. It involved a man we know, in … Continue reading

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