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The Rich Are Different

When F. Scott Fitzgerald said…the rich are different from you and me, he wasn’t kidding, seeming to occupy a different planet than the rest of us. Who are the rest of us? We the people who live nicely though modestly, … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week…Share Your Bananas

Late, en route to a job, my sugar suddenly drops causing me to feel faint. Stupidly skipping breakfast in my frenzy to leave realize, if I don’t eat something fast I’ll be in big trouble. I have no cash, no … Continue reading

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Friendship a Bloomin’

The Latino woman preceding me most days in the Starbuck’s line, along with the African American cook who works for a rich family on Fifth, have become fast friends. I’ve been watching it unfold, this funny friendship you’d never expect … Continue reading

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Pollyanna Snaps

I’m sitting in Starbucks at 5 A.M., when a young African American fella comes in with a filled up shopping cart.  He doesn’t look homeless, but it’s clear he’s been trash picking all night…bottles, bags, a pair of scuffed shoes … Continue reading

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A Bad Receiver

Why is receiving so hard for some? Why can’t one just muster a gracious thank you and move on? A person’s discomfort after I send a gift or note, brings up such a wound for me. The first time I … Continue reading

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Those Little Things

There’s a kid I see most mornings who sells newspapers outside by the subway.  He’s there early to meet the truck, the driver tossing them on the sidewalk like a bale of hay. He’ll come into Starbucks at 5 to … Continue reading

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Witnessing The Insane

It’s not uncommon to be on the New York subway in the company of a crazy person.  It’s free advertising after all, for their insanity. Some ask for money, some just babble and I’ll admit, from years of bearing witness, … Continue reading

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A friend said this recently about a painter that just couldn’t follow directions, like he was out to lunch all day. People don’t listen, unfortunately, since I too just had this experience.  An acquaintance knew of some furniture I plan … Continue reading

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Touched And Humbled

I don’t normally post on the weekends, but I just got the nicest note from Tri-state Basset Hound Rescue thanking me for all the contributions sent on behalf of Carmela. It’s been a sad time for me since she’s gone.  … Continue reading

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Clooney For President

I love George Clooney, married or not and must say – Mrs. Clooney is a real looker.  But who else would the Cary Grant of our time choose to walk alongside him. He was interviewed by an idiot after giving … Continue reading

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