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Beauty and the Rabbi

I’m waiting for the light to change behind a very attractive woman in her 30s, and a very, unattractive man, in his. He was as homely as she was beautiful, so I assumed they were just friends, until they kissed … Continue reading

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I tend to listen in on conversations since,   what else can you do when say, you’re on the train or stuck in line. You’re trapped into listening. The good part is material…how often do I think…omigod, I couldn’t write … Continue reading

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I read an article on famous people living with physical challenges, George Clooney being one of them.  Since hurting himself in 2004 while doing a stunt on the film Syriana (won Oscar for Best Supporting Actor), he’s in chronic back … Continue reading

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Pleasant Avenue

I made a recent pilgrimage to the Bronx to see my friends, Jennifer and Anthony, along with the rest of their four-legged family. It was great, like having your very own petting zoo. This is the view from Jennifer’s window. … Continue reading

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Why Clooney Isn’t Married

I was sitting at a cafe listening to a conversation between two couples on why George Clooney has never been married. Naturally one guy with arms the size of grapefruits said, he’s probably gay, there can be no other reason. … Continue reading

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Dog Tails

On Saturday I was on my way home from the Upper West Side when I met a pit bull named Monty. His owner was talking to him about why he really shouldn’t be getting another cookie. “You’re too fat Monty,” … Continue reading

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I was at a Starbucks in Brooklyn yesterday waiting to pay when a Hasidic man sidled up to the next register. I noticed right away how handsome he was despite, and please don’t take this wrong, his… what Camille likes … Continue reading

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Sexual Misconceptions

I want to clear something up. Women of a certain age still love sex, they are merely much more selective than they were at 30. Alright, who said prove it? When I’m asked why I’m not on the prowl like … Continue reading

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Being Sunday and all, I was musing over my lapsed Catholicism wondering if there was anything in its teaching that can be recycled. Kindness came to mind along with generosity, but the thing that gleamed brightest was gratitude that made … Continue reading

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SAG Awards 2012

I don’t normally watch TV but this year I was on the SAG Nominating Committee so I went to my neighbor Trudy’s house to see the awards. I’m pretty sure no one I picked won since I remember filling out … Continue reading

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