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Ratty and Natty

There are two men, on the periphery of my life, peering in. One is a beat-up musician I should run from, the other, a well-heeled Englishman I should run towards. Don’t get me wrong, I love the natty type that … Continue reading

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Hot Men

When my pal Camille heard I was having trouble sleeping she suggested, rather than sheep and dead presidents, I count the men I’ve dated. “It’s very relaxing,” she said, “better than Ambien even,” so I decided to give it a … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – November 2013…Drop That Bag

It’s Black Friday. I’m with my friends, Joanne and Camille ready to embark on a serious shopping spree. Joanne always thought Black Friday meant that any minute a minstrel show was about to commence. I shouldn’t laugh since I assumed … Continue reading

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Sexy Crazy

First of all, for women in our 50s we very often act like reform school grads. I like to say it’s part of our charm. My friends and I, Joanne and Camille, play a little game that’s actually very funny. … Continue reading

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Brenda…Cupcake Of The Month

Camille and I were heading downtown to a bakery that featured a cupcake of the month. Camille spotted it in one of the free newspapers they hand out by the subway. She never takes the train, just the free paper. … Continue reading

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Midge The Pige

I have a pigeon that frequents my balcony. Alright, it’s more of a fire escape than a place to barbecue, but a girl can dream, can’t she? I know it’s the same bird because she has a big space in … Continue reading

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Boobs and a Pie Plate

My pal Camille and I had one of our heart to heart talks about men. I should say liver to liver since we got pretty smashed in the process. This is a companion piece by the way to my essay … Continue reading

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Hold the Respect

When did I become a Ma’am, I ask you? The least someone could have done would be to give me my ‘Miss’ papers in person, after all I deserve that, don’t you think? Everywhere I go I’m addressed as Ma’am … Continue reading

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I Have A Train To Catch

I believe a woman always needs an out no matter what so she must learn to travel with¬† polite, believable exit lines. I started by saying men, but it’s broader than that; people, not just members of the opposite sex, … Continue reading

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Sexual Misconceptions

I want to clear something up. Women of a certain age still love sex, they are merely much more selective than they were at 30. Alright, who said prove it? When I’m asked why I’m not on the prowl like … Continue reading

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