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Compassion At Its Highest

I was asked by a lady in Starbucks, why I gave up my seat to a  homeless woman. Because I could, to quote George Clooney.  She’s someone I often see at various Starbucks in the neighborhood.  She never asks for … Continue reading

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The Hubris Of Harrison Ford

It was all over the news.  Indiana Jones was forced to make an emergency landing in his vintage World War II airplane on a Venice, California golf course surviving miraculously with minimal injuries. A nice way of saying he crashed, … Continue reading

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To Give Or Not To Give

I’m generous by nature. I get it from my grandfather who would have given away his vital organs if he could have somehow done without them. I could just see one of his kidneys wrapped in last year’s Christmas paper … Continue reading

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I’m hiding up in my apartment with the shades down. Why?   I’ve just about had enough of the outside world, that’s why. I know if I’m not careful I’ll be up on the roof with a loaded Uzi. This epiphany … Continue reading

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Love Till It Comes Along

How does one derive love when there is no one special to lavish our affections on? We need to tap into other sources, but what are they? They must vary from person to person so I sat down and made … Continue reading

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Give Till It Hurts

“Susannah, we need to ask you something?” “Well, you’re all up early. What can I do for you?” “Remember when you wrote in ‘Things That Elude Me’ about giving your manicurist a ‘fresh fifty?” Do you actually give her 50 … Continue reading

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