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I feel as if I’m doing time. Whenever I manage a modicum of peace, another cement shoe falls. We’ve been sheltered-in-place here in the state of New York that apparently, is in quite a state with more residents coming down … Continue reading

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Humble Pie

I’ve heard it said, God speaks through other people, and quite often not necessarily gently. It seems, you haven’t been listening, so he has to hit you over the head to say…             PROSPECTIVE SUSANNAH…KEEP IT ALL IN PROSPECTIVE! This … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Should Take Her Meds

Yesterday was 78%. I ran in shorts and a T-shirt, a balmy breeze blowing through my hair. All day the city sang with spring weather, sidewalks filled with the sunny and cheerful. It was as though all problems were placed … Continue reading

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As The Crow Flies

 This morning, as I made my way through the park, I was suddenly accompanied by a good, 50 crows. They flew overhead like an all black squadron, going back and forth as if they were doing relays. And how quiet … Continue reading

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Things I don’t Understand

 Donald Trump’s hair.  Why can’t something be done?  We can land a man on the moon, but a new strain of mousse cannot be developed. How my neighbor’s cat ends up in the hall.  It’s not that I mind Patrick … Continue reading

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What Happened To Summer?

Did she call? I can’t believe August is over with fall in the wings.  It’s as if we’ve had the Reader’s Digest version of summer.  Or one with crib notes. It makes me wonder how Kate’s frogs must feel, like … Continue reading

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My Pal Jesus

I ran into a priest I know who gives a 5:30 mass on Fridays. I was so happy to see him that without thinking, I said I’d attend. A lapsed Catholic of my word, I went, and by sitting in … Continue reading

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Going Greenish

I wish I could say I was environmentally correct all the time, but that’s simply not the case. I’m not totally green by a long shot…actually I’m more teal…or celadon…mint perhaps. I try to recycle everything…opt for glass rather than … Continue reading

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Hygiene For Dummies

If you smelled, wouldn’t you know? I can detect underarm sweat that needs to be swabbed with one good sniff. It makes me want to teach a class in hygiene at The Learning Annex, for free. I remember every Christmas … Continue reading

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Spring, Take 2

I feel sorry for nature since she’s blooming way too early. The park in this 70 degree weather is busting out all over making me wonder what will happen when the temperature drops. The daffodils, in particular, have me concerned … Continue reading

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