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My Pal Jesus

I ran into a priest I know who gives a 5:30 mass on Fridays. I was so happy to see him that without thinking, I said I’d attend. A lapsed Catholic of my word, I went, and by sitting in … Continue reading

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May They Rest In Peace?

My neighborhood has taken on a surreal, circus like quality ever since the three little Badger girls were brought into Campbells Funeral Chapel early yesterday morning. In case you don’t know, they along with their grandparents, Pauline and Lomer Johnson … Continue reading

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Lost Soles

There I was walking to the post office in the pouring rain wearing my trusty Hunters when I suddenly felt a surge of water seeping through my sock. Somewhere between home and 83rd and Lex the sole of my left … Continue reading

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Bird Woman of Madison Avenue

When the handyman recently put in my new air-conditioner he removed the window screen forgetting to replace it. So now when I open the window I don’t have one, something I need to correct NOW! Why? This morning, while a … Continue reading

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