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Saying Goodbye To Butter

It’s a sad day at Chez Susannah, watching Land O’Lakes pack her fat, yellow bags. I had my cholesterol unexpectedly checked and it seems lucky, I’m not in the ER. I know what happened, since I’ve become my own best … Continue reading

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Snoogums Oh Ma Huna

There’s a woman who works at a Starbucks I frequent who has a cartload of names for her customers…doesn’t matter how many times you tell her the right one she’s supposed to jot on your cup like a dog tag. … Continue reading

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You know why I’m thin? I work at it, that’s why. I watch what I eat. I’m not slender because I’m lucky or have good genes, it’s because watching my weight is a  conscious choice I’ve made my entire life. … Continue reading

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Oprah Overload

I just picked up the Christmas issue of O Magazine. Just in case there is someone living under a rock… O stands for Oprah. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Oprah Winfrey. Ever since her Sofia, in 1982, blasted … Continue reading

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What Ever Will Be Will Be

     Que Sera Sera and how I want to smack that Doris Day. This is a tough one for me, to leave things alone. Relinquishing control has never been one of my strong points. How could it be since … Continue reading

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