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Friends, Missing In Action

In my last post, I mentioned my late pals, Mimi and Jackie missing them more than I can say. My fantasy is, they’re together in one of their living rooms, Jackie’s painted peach, Mimi’s pale yellow, looking down at me … Continue reading

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Midnight Googling

I like being online at 3 a.m. It feels as if you’re privy to life while the rest of the world sleeps. But like anything there’s a downside as in…be careful what you Google. Sweet and funny animals are one … Continue reading

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I woke up on Saturday morning disgusted with myself and all that’s been happening around me. I’m sick of doctors and hearing tests, medication and most of all…worry. I want a day that is just filled with fun, laughter and … Continue reading

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MRI On Rye, Hold The Noise

Well it’s over. I had my open MRI knocked out on Valium or Val, as I affectionately called her, on Saturday. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I gave in and took something. I had this moment … Continue reading

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As I Was Saying

Hi, it’s me Camille, and I’m your designated Blogger for today. Susannah, who’s never been able to hold her champagne, is passed out cold across my bed like a beached whale though I’ll admit, a very chic one. She’s wearing … Continue reading

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