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In Elegant Conversation

I was working, when someone used the phrase, speak in elegant conversation, making me take pause. What a lovely concept, I thought, to speak elegantly.  Made me think of rubies and pearls, Paris  and Grace Kelly …the Chrysler Building   and crystal … Continue reading

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Susannah and the Fat Man

I was coming back from a job during rush hour on the L train, a line I never take. There I was, squashed, in-between a woman with 8 shopping bags, and a young kid whose backpack was practically smothering me. … Continue reading

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Manners At Large

I often write about the New York subway, it’s ups and downs, the good, bad and the ugly, so when I found myself facing a fellow, quite Kennedyesque…6 feet 3, tawny, rumpled hair waving with arrogance, I can’t claim to … Continue reading

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Best Story Of The Week

 I’m in the 5 items or less check-out line at Whole Foods with a young kid around 20, in front of me, getting coffee and a muffin. I say, “Wouldn’t you like a little bag for your muffin?” It’s self-service … Continue reading

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Is The Bar Open?

I can’t say, how often I’m annoyed in the course of a day. People drive me crazy. The tunnel vision, unconsciousness, self-absorption has become epidemic, and it riles me to no end. When did courtesy leave town never to be … Continue reading

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

For the likes of me, I can’t get these new doormen straight.  There are four that seem to blend, like madras bleeding in the wash. It’s easy to recognize Felix because he only has one tooth, and Sampson, living up … Continue reading

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When The Candy Store Is Open

This was an expression my mother used when my father’s zipper was down. As a kid I never knew how racy a remark it really was. My dad’s face would turn bright red traveling right to his ears, like a … Continue reading

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Punch And Judy

It was Sunday night a hair before sunset. I had neurotically gone to the mailbox on the corner to mail my birthday thank you notes, even though the next pickup wasn’t until Monday at noon. You can’t accuse me of … Continue reading

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Cyberly Challenged

I recently put athingirl.com on Facebook, something I said I’d never do. I figured, she had a heartbeat of her own that had zip to do with Susannah becoming my justification in doing so. The site itself remains foreign. I … Continue reading

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My Graces

A friend of mine, instead of thank you likes to say…my graces to you, a humbler way of showing gratitude. When someone does something kind it should be considered a grace, not a given. Sadly, many people suffer from what … Continue reading

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