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A Bad Receiver

Why is receiving so hard for some? Why can’t one just muster a gracious thank you and move on? A person’s discomfort after I send a gift or note, brings up such a wound for me. The first time I … Continue reading

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A Girl After My Own Heart

Mother Teresa said, if you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one, which brings me to Emily, a woman who walks around with homemade sandwiches she passes out to the needy. I’ve seen her on the train and in … Continue reading

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Buisness As Usual

New York is making its way back slowly but surely. Men have been working on the power lines round the clock while the buses are all running gratis to its riders, a welcomed service provided by our Mayor. The bridges … Continue reading

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Lights Out

I almost got killed the other day, and it was totally my fault. I was on the phone. My friend Chris was relating a story while I, without as much as a glance either way, walked right into traffic. Something … Continue reading

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Learning How To Be

Years ago someone gave me a set of ancient Rune Cards (similar to Tarot ) I sadly no longer have,    but one in particular has always stayed fixed in my memory. I can’t recall its name but remember the inscription; to paraphrase: … Continue reading

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I’ll Take It

I never have a problem receiving things. If someone wants to give me something or buy me lunch it’s always fine with me. In my opinion this is one of the healthiest things about me since it counteracts how much … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Hi, it’s Nikki, remember me? I was looking for a date a while back…well good news, I found one. His name is Jason and he’s an actor and probably the sweetest guy in the whole world. We met on Petfinders … Continue reading

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Depth of Feeling

I was awed and delighted at some of the comments inspired from yesterday’s post (Geisha For Hire). My selfless viewpoint seemed to have hit quite a few nerves. I feel compelled to say a little more on the subject since … Continue reading

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