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Some Of What I’m Grateful For

To be even aware, to be grateful. For waking up every day feet firmly on the floor, regardless of how I feel. That I can still run in my 6th decade alongside nature, my truest companion. Reading as a major … Continue reading

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Those Happy Hijabs

I’ve made an acute observation. There’s suddenly an explosion of young Islamic women employed throughout the city. Where before it was rare, now it’s viral, meaning that well. The thing that’s so apparent, is how happy they all are. I … Continue reading

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Hail Mary

A frequent exclamation of mine, whenever responding to a hail of goodness.  You don’t need to be a thumping Christian to appreciate the aura of Mary. Most of us don’t tally the good greeting us during the course of a … Continue reading

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Cops And Robbers

I was in line at the bank with a policeman at the teller window while his partner stood behind a woman behind me. I offered him my place in line.  “No, no,” he said, “I can wait.” “Yeah, but your … Continue reading

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We Don’t Suffer Alone

Whenever I have a case of the poor mes I’m shown immediately things can be worse. How many people do I see in wheel chairs.  Or the ancient accompanied by a disinterested caretaker who assumes her charge doesn’t know the … Continue reading

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Staying Where Your Feet Are

This may become my epitaph if I can ever hone the skill. It’s a 12 Step expression encouraging you to stay present not drifting too far into the future. The practice of mindfulness may sound easy, but come to find … Continue reading

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Say Cheese

You really know your luck’s changing when you win a large pizza. Yes, I entered the FREE PIE drawing in celebration of a new Farinella, my favorite pizza place, opening on Lexington Avenue and 60th Street. The best part was … Continue reading

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I’ve been complaining a lot lately, as if I’ve developed a bad habit like biting my nails or squinting. It’s dawned on me, there are so many things in this world that put a smile on my face. The sun … Continue reading

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Marriage Below Sea Level

I truly don’t understand the modern family. It was Sunday, so I knew everybody, who wasn’t at their country house, was at brunch….New York’s favorite weekend pastime. There I was serenely eating my avocado and walnut salad when a family … Continue reading

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Turkeys That Have Known Me

I couldn’t decide whether to write about men that I’ve known or actual turkeys. However, on behalf of the day, I chose those 2 legged, if I were you I’d make myself scarce, members of the bird family. I myself … Continue reading

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