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Susannah’s Fall, Winter Reading list…2020-2021

If there was ever a perfect time to read, it was during our imposed shelter-in-place, forced to be idle, no choice but sitting still. I, thanks to Amazon, after running through the 9 books taken from the library on their … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Spring, Summer Reading List…2019

How I love to read. Aside from writing, it’s my favorite pastime. When someone says they don’t read, I’m utterly speechless. How can you possibly live without books? HOW? Not only do I love to read, but can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Spring, Summer Reading List 2017

 After being called a serial reader, so many books, so little time, doesn’t apply to me, reading nonstop regardless of where I am.    That’s the key, to have one with you at all times so you can sneak a … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Spring, Summer Reading List 2016

Reading is very personal, something I’ve recently learned no longer sending as gifts, what I think people should read. With few exceptions, no one ever seems to care for my choices. So instead, I’ll be more democratic listing my recommendations … Continue reading

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Bearing Rejection

I often think of Stephen King, one of the most prolific, successful writers of our time, who has a piece of wood with a giant nail hammered into it holding all of his rejection notices. Hemingway, before publishing The Sun … Continue reading

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Here’s a word that’s buried in another time. Punctilious, an adjective: showing great attention to detail or correct behavior : he was punctilious in providing every convenience for his guests. Punctilio is the noun…a fine or petty point of conduct … Continue reading

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On The Books

Over the Labor Day weekend I read two books. One was Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story by, C. David Heymann…the other: The Last Campaign, Thurston Clarke that I had read, in 2008, when it first came out. What they … Continue reading

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Shoeless Joe

Every once in a while a book jumps off the shelf like a man who’s determined to get your attention. Shoeless Joe written in 1982 by W.P. Kinsella was that 265 page guy.  It was the novel the popular film … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

Hot Tip! New book by Anne Lamott called Some Assembly Required. At first I was going to say it’s strictly a girl’s read but then I changed my mind since Sam, her 22 year old son weighs in and is … Continue reading

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