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Spirits Stopping By

My dear friend Peter lost his long time friend and partner a week ago in a car accident.  It was another lesson in worrying too much about the future. Isak Dinesen in her book, Out of Africa, wrote….God made the … Continue reading

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The Sound He Didn’t Hear

In my post Lights Out I condemned the use of cell phones while walking in public. My next rant concerns iPods. Please take them out of your ears while you’re crossing the street… PLEASE! A young man named Jason used … Continue reading

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I love the expression ‘well-heeled,’ my friend Ed uses it a lot. It means affluent, moneyed, well-to-do. I like the imagery it provides: the Astors and Vanderbilts, Grace Kelly in It Takes a Thief, Cary Grant in just about anything. … Continue reading

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Getting To the Bottom of It

I finally had to ask myself, what’s been really bothering me since so much little stuff is getting under my skin. I found this to be a loaded question to say the least. Sometimes I move so quickly my feelings … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday

I know what you’re thinking, not another one of these religious rants Susannah, please. spare us. Actually, what ignited this entry is a book I’ve just read on Mary Tudor, by Anna Whitelock. This is not a book review by … Continue reading

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18 Years Ago Today

Bill Hicks died on this day in 1994. I try to emulate Yoko who celebrates John’s birthday rather than the day he died but Bill still comes to mind whether I like it or not. I didn’t cut off my … Continue reading

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May They Rest In Peace?

My neighborhood has taken on a surreal, circus like quality ever since the three little Badger girls were brought into Campbells Funeral Chapel early yesterday morning. In case you don’t know, they along with their grandparents, Pauline and Lomer Johnson … Continue reading

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